Investing Like Warren Buffett

If you're asking yourself how you could invest like Warren Buffett, you're probably on the right track. Tens of thousands of people flock to Omaha, Nebraska during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting to listen and learn from one of the most inspiring investors of our time. They call it the Woodstock of Capital.
Copycat Investing Copying Buffett definitely not the most stupid thing you could do as an investor. Nonetheless, one could posit, that the question "how to invest like Warren Buffett" is missing an important distinction. If you are aiming to copy Buffett, you need to ask yourself which Buffett you wish to copy.

The investor Warren Buffett has without a doubt evolved during his career. You could look at Buffett and proclaim that this evolution has come due to him becoming more experienced and knowledgeable as an investor. That may well be true, but a more plausible explanation is that Buffett needed to adjust his investment style as the investing…

Lee Kuan Yew | The Singapore Story

Lee Kuan Yew, often referred to with his initials LKY, was the first prime minister of Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew served as prime minister from 1959 to 1990, making him the longest-serving PM in history. LKY’s Contribution to Singapore’s Economic Rise At the time Singapore was obtaining its separation from Malaysia on 9th August 1965, the city-state was a very small nation faced by problems such as housing shortages, unemployment, insufficient natural resources, most notably land and petroleum. For a country to proceed with this fast development, an able leader is very relevant.

Under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, her founding prime minister who ruled the nation for four decades, the country was able to shift its economic status from a third-world to a first-world nation.

One of the factors which were critical in Singapore’s success is efficient administration. LKY’s rule was authoritarian. He had a firm grip of power and even amidst criticism. This brought economical orderliness in S…